miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

This ain't Gossip girl, its lolotza's blog.

Cualquier parecido con la realidad es mera coincidencia, aunque dudo mucho que esta vez Blair perdone a Serena.But this episode, its now over.

Regresa como Georgina, con menos manipulacion pero las mismas tacticas.

En un instante la waldorf y en otro la Vanderwoodsen.

A veces pienso seriamente en pedirles a mis X's que escriban alguna carta de recomendacion pues considero que soy muy buena chica. (there's only 3)

Por hoy Eh decidido que en el mundo Jotero, me hubiera llamado Monica Belucci. Y no como la actriz,ya que su apellido se escribe diferente, pues no seria justo que mi juventud la opacara tampoco. Si no seria mi nombre compuesto por "Monica Naranjo" y "Jhon Belucci", La joteria y la comedia en uno! the best from both worlds en ingles y en Habla hispana.

hoy amaneci muy flat.
Debio haber sido por el encontronazo entre Alaska y Sinead O'connor

martes, 24 de enero de 2012


While i was cleaning my house garage, it was really cloudy but still i start grooming the floors, washing my car,this young modern princess snow white style saw that a cute fellow AKA know as periquito del amor came up to me...
He pose from some pictures, and i make sure he wasn't hurt, while singing for me i kinda got the message, it seem worried. I seriously tough on get him into a cage, but then i realize it was a good idea to keep it as a free pet on my house tree.
He keep trying to call my attention while i kept busy, it seem he liked the car.Such a beautiful feather, on green, yellow and blue
The pigeons from the palma got really jealous about him being so near and getting feed.But still from being cute he was friendly.But i could notice the despair in its eyes trying to warn me of something.
The broken ones came up to the door, like if nothing was happen i was already alert from last nite sleepwalk, i wasn't scared, even tho i'm not that brave, struggling with myself control, i walk in from of them to tell them... go away! and then i start singing the tune of Poison Hearts will never change (8)Walk away again...there were crocodile tears that got blended with the water that had fall from my hose, and i didn't even try to use it as a weapon, i kept my brujerias on the trash can,i never felt guilty, but still it was like a huge weight from my shoulders got remove, i felt sorry for the other fellow that had to watch such a horrible show but still everything its just so connected that's scary.mental diarrhea its up to the day and i feel more peaceful this way.
Remember no regrets!

This story was based on the mind of the author and has nothing to do with real events.

viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

To: nite

Gracias amantekayotl, otra vez dormire tranquila otra vez me pude asomar, si tan solo fuera como beetlejuice, no entiendo, algunas cosas pasan asi y algunas no me convencen tanto.

been there, done that...

Muero por saber como seran sus besos.