martes, 24 de enero de 2012


While i was cleaning my house garage, it was really cloudy but still i start grooming the floors, washing my car,this young modern princess snow white style saw that a cute fellow AKA know as periquito del amor came up to me...
He pose from some pictures, and i make sure he wasn't hurt, while singing for me i kinda got the message, it seem worried. I seriously tough on get him into a cage, but then i realize it was a good idea to keep it as a free pet on my house tree.
He keep trying to call my attention while i kept busy, it seem he liked the car.Such a beautiful feather, on green, yellow and blue
The pigeons from the palma got really jealous about him being so near and getting feed.But still from being cute he was friendly.But i could notice the despair in its eyes trying to warn me of something.
The broken ones came up to the door, like if nothing was happen i was already alert from last nite sleepwalk, i wasn't scared, even tho i'm not that brave, struggling with myself control, i walk in from of them to tell them... go away! and then i start singing the tune of Poison Hearts will never change (8)Walk away again...there were crocodile tears that got blended with the water that had fall from my hose, and i didn't even try to use it as a weapon, i kept my brujerias on the trash can,i never felt guilty, but still it was like a huge weight from my shoulders got remove, i felt sorry for the other fellow that had to watch such a horrible show but still everything its just so connected that's scary.mental diarrhea its up to the day and i feel more peaceful this way.
Remember no regrets!

This story was based on the mind of the author and has nothing to do with real events.

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